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WordPress Speed Optimization


I finally achieved a 1.8seconds in GTMetrix, having 98% score for YSlow, and 99% score for PageSpeed. How? Here’s my list of recommended plugins:

Lazy Load
JS & CSS Script Optimizer
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
Simple Cache
W3 Total Cache
WP Asset Clean Up
WP User Avatar

Pokemon Revolution Online


I’ve been caught up playing some mmo games, then got bored with the mmos I’ve been playing. During the past months, I have been playing an mmo called Echo of Soul. I’ve decided to quit it due to the fact that my relationship with my boyfriend has became so unhealthy, and I’m putting myself in an unhealthy situation aswell. I however found a new game called Pokemon...

Moving Website from One Server to Another using SSH


I was tasked to migrate an existing website from one web hosting server to another using SSH. At first, I was not aware of this, that I had to download everything to my local machine and upload the downloaded files to the new web hosting server. This method sucks, time consuming, and too much hassle. Luckily, I have found a code that worked. Using an SSH program, I used Putty on this one, connect...

It’s Semestral Break But…


Today is the start of my semestral break but I can’t do anything that involves walking, running, jumping, and -ing words you do with your legs, since 2 weeks ago, I was in a hurry to take my first exam of the finals when I happen to slip over this orange slippery tube at the university, and fractured my foot. I should see where I’m heading next time and try to walk slowly. I remember...

Last Two Weeks of the Semester


“Inch by inch, we’re moving closer” – SEMESTRAL BREAK. I’m feeling exhausted already with school works and such, we’ve got a lot of projects to pass before the end of the week, and we’re not yet even half way there. Oh dear… Anyway, I’ll be posting a list of my projects here, so that I could stay on track with everything. Electronics and...

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


Everyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a daddy. I call my father “daddy.” I don’t see why there would be an age limit to calling your father that. I think some people see it as child-like, but I just see it as affectionate so until now, I’ve been calling my father “daddy” wherever I am. Now that it’s his day (and every father’s day...