Installing a Remote Desktop on CentOs VPS

A virtual private server (VPS), also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS), is a virtual server that appears to the user as a dedicated server but is actually installed on a computer serving multiple Web sites. A single computer can have several VPSs, each one with its own operating system (OS) that runs the hosting software for a particular user.

I happen to have an unused virtual private server (VPS) so I decided to use it as a remote desktop to download images for my fansites. A US-based internet is at 100mbps, therefore I could download a bunch of images. You can use the remote desktop for other personal desires that you may have aswell or use your VPS as a VPN. I’ll be making a tutorial on how to do that soon. 😀

My VPS Specs- Something worth $11/month

  • Disk space: 20GB
  • Bandwidth: 500GB
  • RAM: 1024MB

Before installation, make sure you have the following:

  • Putty/Kitty (SSH) – download
  • A Linux VPS with around 256mb of ram, CentOS 5 x86_64
  • Nx Client – download

Now, let’s do the steps:

    1. Login to your vps as root using putty or kitty.


    1. Download the latest Red Hat Package Manager or RPM Package Manager (RPM). wget rpm -Uhv rpmforge-release-0.5.1-1.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm


    1. Now let us update our existing packages with yum. Enter the code below. yum -y update


  1. Install the Gnome Desktop Manager and FreeNX yum -y groupinstall "X Window System" "GNOME Desktop Environment yum install -y freenx


Login to NX Client and you’re done! Bravo. If you have questions/reactions etc, just drop a comment below. 

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